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Our firm has won races from California to New Mexico to New York because our advertising is reflective of our clients. We listen, help you hone your story so that it can connect with voters emotionally, build a brand, and then break through the clutter to create a lasting impact.

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Jim Costa

for Congress

Christy Smith

Christy Smith

for Congress

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Leroy Garcia

for State Senate

NM Consevation Votes

Conservation Voters

of New Mexico

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Miguel Santiago

for State Assembly

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Fund Her Virginia PAC

Harley Debate

Harley Rouda for Congress


Ricardo Lara

for Insurance Commissioner

Janice Meaure M

Janice Hahn

L.A. County Supervisor

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Bob Hertzberg

for State Senate

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Mike Gipson

for State Assembly

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Midwest Victory PAC


Howie Morales 

for Lt. Governor

Moscow Mitch

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McFraud PAC

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Pete Lee

for State Senate

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United Teachers of Los Angeles

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Josh Newman for State Senate

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Service Employees International Union 721


Reggie Jones-Sawyer

for State Assembly

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New Mexico Justice and Safety for All

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Jackie Lacey

for District Attorney


No on Los Angeles' Amendment RRR

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Shannon O'Malley

for Judge

J&Z Strategies

Illustrated Laptop